Trying To Enjoy Life. Good Sleep, Good Food, Good Friends


I hope no one gets ill looking at this little fellow.  In a way I find him beautiful

The Simplest Things


You will think it’s funny

For me to talk this way

You see I had a happy time this evening

In a simple, pleasant way


I sat down to enjoy some food

With a lovely pair of adult friends

No kids around, no crayons

No waitress to offend


A new chance was given to me today

One that I once thought was forever lost

I had a chance to sup with lovely people

And wasn’t asked to front the cost


A little chicken, some cherries

Some salad vinnegrete

And off me fell the pain of loneliness

And the millstone of regret


For some time now I have been a number

A man without a face

Giving everything I had

To win the silly human race


I never thought a simple meal

Could bring so much joy to me

I have been trapped in my own prison

And just now for an hour I was free


It felt a little odd to talk

Instead of just wolfing down my food

When there is no one around

Nothing like that even seems to be rude


I want my whole life to go on like that

Breaking bread with my close friends

Perhaps even upon that wish

My sanity depends


Leif Gregersen

June 13, 2016

     Hello My good readers!  I hope all of you are on an amazing journey right now headed directly for all of your goals and dreams!  I hope I don’t sound too positive, I am in a pretty good mood today.  I went to help out a friend today and karma repaid me with a real blessing.  Basically, a friend down the street needed help with a new TV and Xbox he got for his grandson and simply gave me all his old stuff, which is incredibly new and in good shape.  I don’t need the stuff, which is a TV and some video games and I talked to my friend and he doesn’t object to me selling them.  Comes at just the right time, I am soon going to be moving and soon after that I am off to Toronto.  It is kind of funny because when I was younger I thought Toronto was the trip of a lifetime, but now compared to all my other journeys it is just another two weeks without my own laptop.

My mental health seems to be going well.  I am occasionally taking melatonin as a sleep aid and find it makes me very tired the next day.  I really can’t stay up past a certain time or I ruin my sleep schedule for the whole week.  For a long time I was able to get to be early every night, but now that I have more writing work to do and preparation for classes and things I am teaching, I have a lot of all-nighters.

I met with my friend Richard Van Camp today, what an incredible guy and incredible writer he is.  We had fun drinking bubble tea and tooling around Edmonton in his little car.  My main problem these days is not friends or money or things to do, it is simply looking down at my oversized stomach and wondering how I let it get so large.  I am 250 pounds and kind of sensitive about the whole weight problem of mine.  It has a lot to do with medications, of course, they give me such a large appetite.  One of the things I really should do more research on is corn, especially popcorn, I am pretty much addicted to it, I have a large bowl with margarine and salt nearly every day.

They say you should love who you are no matter what, and in some ways I guess I do, but it worried me that my health is failing.  It isn’t easy for my two bad knees to carry the extra weight, it is obviously hard on my heart.  I get a lot of exercise in but I never seem to be able to get my blood pressure down and my endurance is greatly diminished by the fact that I was a smoker for 18 years and did serious damage to my lungs.  I don’t really want to write all this to complain, I am very happy in many ways with my health and fitness, but I do want some people, especially younger people to be able to read or hear about things I go through as a result of poor choices and possibly avoid them.

Well, I hope some people that are reading this have been referred by, I am now going to be a regular blogger there on the subject of Stigma.  I should let people know not only about that, but also about the fact that I have two books on the topic of bipolar disorder and recovering from it (memoirs) called “Through The Withering Storm” and “Inching Back To Sane” which I would love to send you for cost plus bare minimum shipping.  Let me know if you are interested in more of my writing at


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