A Christmas Poem With the Theme of Giving and Poverty

Sorry, no blog today, just a photo and a poem!


Poverty Poem

By: Leif Gregersen

December 29, 2018


I was maybe seventeen not too much more

I thought that being tough and cool meant you would score

Women wouldn’t ever bother with you if you were poor

It seemed I had to show off, get off, then show them the door


It was messed up for a teen, no one really wants things that way

One-night romances hurt everyone who goes along to play

Adolescence was a difficult time for me in so many ways

You didn’t have to add a girlfriend’s pregnancy or lover’s nasty disease


I tried to quit drinking in hopes of changing in time my teenage days

And it felt pretty good when people gave me encouragement and praise

But I secretly could only think of cold beer and going back to my old ways


I met my school angel years ago shopping; we needed the same thing

She looked like she also needed a friend, which made my heart sing

I looked deep in her eyes and just forgot about everything


Her hair was dark and short, and brought out her light white soft skin so well

I didn’t even consider the fact that I probably looked like hell

I just saw her soft, caring, lovely, dark brown eyes

She was not ashamed to need crutches, this woman wore no disguise


My heart sank down to my stomach because I realized it was true

This person was too lovely for me and there was nothing I could do

Then she looked right at me stopped, smiled and waved

It was like I could do no wrong, like my life and my soul had been saved


That moment of bliss later carried me though so many unhappy times

I think of my angel when problems large or small arrives

Knowing that writing poems doesn’t pay the bills

And I need to set down my pen, feed myself with my other skills


But still I want to immortalize these powerful feelings of love here on this page

Partly because when one is young poetry seems the perfect way

I’ll never forget that moment when I was truly in love at first sight

I still could never say if it would have gone right


We stayed close, then I was in a state of confusion and pain

I wanted to talk to someone from the past who still knew my name

But when you have a problem that drives family and friends away like mine

Sometimes even existing around others can be seen as a punishable crime


Years before, with my school girlfriend, things only lasted a short while

She changed me so much, until I could feel emotions, could even smile

I would still be smiling, even with my crooked teeth

I’m normally so happy at Christmas, like I have the world at my feet


It was Christmas at the mall when that disabled woman smiled and asked my name

Even when she looked at my messy hair and skinny body she still felt the same

That was the first time I truly felt no trepidation in looking someone in the eye

Nothing and no one in this vast world mattered to me except her and I


This brand-new angel was smiling at me, as though she liked my ways

Even just then I knew that look would be in my memory for the rest of my days

Later, we left the busy coffee shop together later but not to go home

Just to have a quiet coffee together and some time alone


It was all so magical, as we talked all through that night

The world truly is not a place where a real man needs to fight

When things are being built, many pretend to forget

When someone is disabled for any reason we owe them a special debt


I know it seems a little crazy to talk of both love and war

But I failed to mention when my angel got up to go to the door

It was easy to notice that she had no left leg

Survival to her was to go back to the streets, to sit and to beg


She had been an army surgeon in Afghanistan

Did more of a job in many ways than any man

I wanted to take her home just to look in her eyes

But like every soldier she had too much pride


As time went on I went to see her now and then a little more

I got her warm clothes while her caring changed my life like never before

Looking at this young woman left handicapped who had promised her life

To a country that treated her sacrifice like she was the twenty-third harem wife.


If I had a little more courage I think I could have accomplished the deed

Even with no leg this person had everything I would ever need

She had a beautiful soul I could see it in her eyes

Without being condescending she was so incredibly wise


But I didn’t propose, I left her there to survive on the street

Through frigid winter months and glaring summer heat

And for many years I have to just live without happiness

And think of the days when a proud woman soldier gave me true bliss

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