Help Pave A New Path For Sufferers And Survivors

Mental Health is an issue that will not go away.  One in Five of us living in the Western World will at one point in our lives have to seek treatment for a mental health issue.  This means that you, or someone close to you is very likely to one day need help.  I have suffered from one of the more severe disorders since I was just a teen and life has been a struggle to say the least.  I have a rare opportunity in a new part-time job which will allow me to go to schools with an educational co-ordinator and give talks to young people about mental health awareness, treatment, stigma, etc.  I want to be able to help these young people and I don’t think I can reach enough people with the two books I have written on the subject.  What I want to do is to raise $750 (thanks to a generous donation, I have met part of this goal) for illustrations and printing for a comic book/graphic novel script that is written and edited and ready to go.  I feel a comic book can bring the issue of mental illness awareness to young people in a very special and personal way.  If you can help, a $10 donation will get you a copy of the comic when it is ready, and a $30 donation will get you one of my two ‘mental health memoirs’ (Inching Back To Sane and Through The Withering Storm) which are available on through links on this website.  If you are unable to help, please share and tweet and email your friends and family the address of my campaign, which can be found at:


Leif Gregersen


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